Incoming Winter

by Zulmet

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This album (except the song “Mortal Tragedy”, an early demo recorded in that ravishing August of 2015) was recorded between the misty November of 2015 and the unholy April of 2016.
All instruments in this freezing winter were played by me. And the suffering vocals came out from my bleeding throat. Arrangements were all my curse…
The cursed lyrics of tracks; Castle of Shadows, The Black Plants and Ode to the Old were written by my bloody Mistress, Countess P. The other lyrics are fucking mine (Except track 9).
I sacrifice my greetings to Lord_Ridd the one who settled up the Zulmet’s unholy logo. I shall ever pray to the darkness for his soul in eternity.
“When blood is the bounty, purity is priceless…” I once read. I want to whisper my words to the ears of bats, and want them to be heard by my brother the little Count P. of torments.
“Can nothingness shall ever have a king?” It was a darkly and childish fear of mine, in my bed times. I have never asked that even once, since I met him. Recording process would have been a heavenly nightmare without him. I send my gratefulness, via all of the night creatures I know, to him. To Count Necrathos…
“There is no life for the creatures of night, without blood.” I screamed to darkness while I yearned for her embrace. As she is the only blood for my corpse… The breath I feel under my ribs… The queen of no need to ask about the unholy role she played for the record... She is the ravenous reason of my sick life… My cursed arms have been always hungry for her as my poor life has been for darkness. My Bloody Mistress, Countess M. Youri Pestilentis Von Ginquie, I want to bury my plagued words to my useless heart; then I want to cut it off from my thorax and put it to an old chest, lock it (which has a key of her love) and then throw it to the sea of the darkness living in her soul.

Count P.


released May 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Zulmet Turkey

Zulmet is a solo project belongs to me, Count Youri Pestilentis Von Ginquie, founded in the summer of 2015.

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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: Castle of Shadows
A big shadow rises, touches to the rainbow
Swallows its colours, destroys its glow
Cold walls and black stones
Long shades and empty halls
Take my soul away, make my pain grow

Once upon a time in infinity
One pair of brown eyes, brighten my misery
After her breath surrendered, her lips became pale
The sun abondoned sky, I waited in despair

Now this cold can not diffuse in me
Nothing can make my soul shiver
While her body rests in soil
Just beneath this castle

Neither a light I want,
Nor an innocent beam
Let me die in cold shadows,
Unite me with her skin
Track Name: The Black Plants
A crowd around a candle
A big mouth of a sister
An ugly eyebrow of a father
It’s them ruling the world over

They say you are not good enough
They say it’s sin, forbidden stuff
You have to please the big one already
They never care what would be the reality
Isn’t it unfair to listen just one part of a story?

They say he’s kicked out
He is the worst, the unwanted around
Don’t you really want to hear it?
To smell the black plants, he anciently seeded?

They say keep your heart away from him, and your soul
They call him the Satan, the one in the black hole
It’s their story, a denigration tale
Don’t ever think the outsider is always a source of shame

So don’t be afraid, the black won’t swallow you
Dark has its own pleasures; nothing like red or blue
You shall just come close and look again
See the other side of what’s been talking through
Track Name: River of Despair
Tormenting me…
Isn’t everything a sickness, at all?
Drowning in the river of despair

Bleeding endless water
Sweet blood flowing river
Cruel torture forever

Take me…
Take me…
Tormenting me…
Drowning in the river of despair
Track Name: Incoming Winter (Remastered)
He took his bride to the castle
Inside secret mountainy jail
To spend the incoming winter

Rest of their world was full of chaos
Believers dying from hunger

They sheltered in thus precious temple
And gratefully worshiped to Devil

Meanwhile, the chill and the fog
Covered the last days of november
They gratefully worshiped to Devil
Track Name: Ode to the Old
Can something old ever
Give the same pleasure
With something newer?
Isn’t always
The young one better?

Something not familiar
Attracts you with power
Promises predictable fear
Makes your heart beat faster

Oh the poor old!
Neither shiny nor strong
Only seems unusual and cold

A love getting older
Slowly rottens, surrenders to wrinkle
Needs to be searched stronger
In order to find its sparkle
Faults and scratches as the surface of moon
Lovers it voraciously like the day of doom

Even though it’s ordinary and pale
It’s going to be always there
The ugly roots you can not see
Makes the old one protect thee

Every new, eventually
Gets aged, as its destiny
So is not this a victory
For the Old?

Old Love… Old Love… Old… Old…
Old Love…
Track Name: A Waltz for the Unknown Darkness
Track Name: Anxiety of Existence
Let him take the first part:

“I’ve come from the place
Where time does not dwell
If you wonder about my trace
It’s the despair you face
Forever in your lonely dell.”

And there comes mine…

No! We are not real!
Nobody heard my vanishing cry
As I looked through the fading sky
All joy, within the springtime trees
Just went like the falling leaves

Awakening my existence,
Brought me all, nothingness…
Track Name: Kimseye Etmem Şikayet (Cover)
Kimseye etmem şikayet ağlarım ben halime
Titrerim mücrim gibi baktıkça istikbalime
Perde-i zulmet çekilmiş korkarım ikbalime
Titrerim mücrim gibi baktıkça istikbalime
Track Name: Mortal Tragedy (Early Demo)
I welcome thee to this mortal tragedy
Do not walk through the paths so quickly
Thou shalt be tamed with silence, hunger and agony
Raping hearts is an inevitable destiny
Thus, thou will desire death desperately
But the Reaper… not so gentle in this mortal tragedy